MORIN BAY CONSERVATION TRUST will initially focus on a stretch of beach located on the east coast of Trinidad, and the North Manzanilla Community.  We will also join forces with other conservation groups in the United States that are working towards the betterment of our ocean.

This stretch of beach identified as LOWER FISHING POND at the southern end of THE MANZANILLA WIND BELT RESERVE (known to villagers as CHARUMA), lies between North Latitude: +10324123/WEST Longitude: -61010364, and The  North Manzanilla beach located at North Latitude: +10312190/West Longitude: -61012838. 

Opportunities for sustainable growth and development within a microeconomic framework, and economic sustainability within this agricultural community are nonexistent. Additionally, North Manzanilla is located in the poorest region of the country. The coastal region is remote and inaccessible, and as such, has been shielded from development although full of potential . The likelihood of this area being one of the few coastal communities in Trinidad where natural biological diversity has been preserved, but not recognized is not inconceivable. This area, although rich in flora and fauna, has not yet been declared a BIODIVERSE Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA).

The Morin Bay Conservation Trust,  has been created to raise awareness and initiate action by

  1. Finding sustainable Solutions .
  2. Focusing on sustainably maintaining the health of our oceans. 
  3. Actively working to rid our oceans, beaches and environment of garbage.
  4. Creating a vehicle to minimize the threats to marine life and other endangered species.
  5. Preserving our Flora and Fauna through conservation.
  6. Preserving our natural environment and indigenous forests. 
  7. Forging Partnerships and building Relationships. 
  8. Mobilizing and Empowering Communities and People through education, information and participation.

Our goal is to be part of the solution to this global problem, by making our environment, inland waterways, beaches and oceans cleaner, by promoting the value of our natural environment and indigenous forests, while ensuring sustainable growth and development in rural and coastal communities.